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Estudio Obra Prima was founded in 2005 when Carolina Proto settled in Uruguay. In 2008 Juliana Bassani joined the Estudio and we restarted activities in Brazil. In 2020 we opened a Estudio in São Paulo dedicated to interior design where Stephanie Andrade joined. Today the office expands to Brazil, with a branch in Sao Paulo and one in Porto Alegre.

Arq. Carolina Proto

Arq. Stephanie Andrade

Arq. Juliana Bassani

The projects we design and build can be found mainly in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay), but there is no limitation to our work outside these borders. We also have projects in other countries such as Portugal and the USA.
We articulate our knowledge and sensibility in order to design, create and build each project in a comprehensive manner.

The studio seeks to enhance the qualities of a place, integrating landscape and contemporary architecture harmoniously.
Our creative process is based on a close relationship with each of our clients, in order to perfectly translate their personality through architecture, focusing on formal simplicity, comfort and the respect for nature. Our goal is to optimise time and resources to find the best way to materialize your projects with commitment and creativity.

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