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Our Team

Our team is formed by 15 professionals in architecture, engineering and administration that use knowledge and sensitivity to design, create and build each project.

We use suppliers and external partners who are equally committed to our goals and who have been part of the team for many years. We all grow together through professional exchange with other countries and every project we take on board.

The Studio

The studio first opened when architect Carolina Proto moved to Punta del Este. In 2008, architects Fernanda Schuch and Juliana Bassani Lamachia were incorporated as partners, taking on board this challenge as one team. Since then we have created a path of transparency and responsibility in the realization of dreams, in Uruguay, as well as in Brazil and Argentina.

Arq. Carolina Proto

Arq. Juliana Bassani

Arq. Fernanda Schuch

Our projects emphasize formal simplicity, comfort, and harmonious integration with nature and its surroundings. We advise and accompany our clients throughout the whole process to ensure their aspirations are fulfilled; starting with the search for land and development of the architectural project, to construction management and interior architecture. Thus achieving a concept and style that clearly reflects the client´s personality.

Our projects therefore bring together the essence of the client with that of the environment, reflecting the best style and concept in each case. We optimize time and resources with commitment and creativity to find the best way to make projects happen.


We work as much in residential arquitecture, as that of single-family and multi-family, hotel, commercial, corporate, real estate development, furniture and interior design.
Our team advises and accompanies every initiative from the different departments, offering integral advice to the client: in architecture, interior design and construction administration.

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